Thursday, March 3, 2011

Made it !!!

I am now an official athlete for IMNZ 2011.

Yes I am now in Taupo & have registered for the big day. Have been for a swim in the lake & now just chilling out.

Soon it's the pasta dinner & race briefing but before then its feet up & rest.

Race number 932, Paul Miller for any ironmanlive watchers.

I have a small brick session to do Friday morning then the big day on Saturday. I don't have any great finish time in my head but in round figures, 1hr swim, 6hr bike & 4hr run, so anything around 11hr will be fine. The weather may play a big part.


  1. Good luck mate, we'll be cheering for you tomorrow!

  2. I'll be following on-line. Have a good'n! :)

  3. You were definitely right about the waether playing a big part. Couldn't have been much worse could it ... apart from more wind I suppose.

    Awesome effort and time! Congratulations! :)